Essential Change

Transformative Mindfulness

Transformative Mindfulness (TM) is a therapeutic modality that examines the route causes of physical, emotional and mental suffering. TM is registered under Transformative Mindfulness International.

Unless we turn towards the heart of what affects us then it will not change. However, the mind is a tricky subject! There are all sorts of defenses and habitual patterns it has to avoid looking at what is really there. By examining how information is stored in the body as metaphor, feelings, images, and words we can quite quickly and skillfully circumvent some of our oldest barriers to healing. This is the space in which transformation can begin to take place.

Using guided mindfulness visualization as well as arts-enabled modalities, TM can provide deep change.

Craig Mackie has trained with Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw ( and is a certified Transfromative Mindfulness practitioner. This combined with his therapeutic work in the trauma and addictions field and over 10 years of personal yoga and mindfulness practice as well as an MA in Philosophy and an MSW comprises the foundation of his therapeutic approach.

One hour individual sessions can be booked on a sliding income scale anywhere in the greater Toronto area.