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Transforming Inner Conflict – Spring 2017 Special topic 4 Week Transformative Mindfulness



Transformative Mindfulness Methods, 4 Week Therapeutic Group:

It only comes around once a year and is always a rich learning and growing experience!

This group goes right to the heart of where and how suffering between two polarities exists.

Stay or go?

Heal or hold on?

Forgive or fight?

Quit or keep going?

So many of these choices are often not black and white – in fact we need to sit with each side before a true resolution arises. Often this means letting go of the old patterns that no longer serve us.




Facilitated by Craig Mackie, MA, MSW, RSW

June 5th – June 26th

Mondays, 6-8pm

Location: Essential Change Studio

Fee for course: $300 (Please inquire about sliding scale if there is no insurance coverage or financial barrier)

To register email: or call: 613-316-9181

This group will help individuals directly explore and transform suffering that is held in the body and mind through noticing, feeling, visualization and external expression through words and images.

Areas that people often look at through this topic include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Life Transitions
  • Chronic Stress
  • Relational Challenges
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Transformative Mindfulness is a receptive mindfulness practice that accepts, releases and then reorients how we attach to experience. It is a way to bring peace, resolution and insight into one’s inner environment, first by seeing clearly, then by intentionally transforming how we relate to ourselves and our worlds


 When we look at long held patterns or experiences of suffering there is often an internal conflict at work. Even when we “know” the right thing to do, we are still somehow stuck and unable to act. Often there can even be a conflict in turning towards challenges that result in suffering.


The four week course will use and develop the following Transformative tools:

Week 1 – Transforming Inner Conflict – explore how two, or more, opposing situations are in conflict and experienced through sensation, body, thought and emotion, asking for resolution and seeking clarity through transformative visualizations.

Week 2 – Enhancing Positive Qualities – build your strength and resilience by connecting with positive attributes that are present but in need of growth and grounding.  We will practice how to bring our most positive aspects into the picture to address resistance to healing.

Week 3 – Transforming Challenges – learn to ask for help to transform the many aspects of suffering, root causes to challenges. Whatever challenges still remain, we will ask to address them from a calm, quite place, where the body and mind already know how to bring resolution and peace.

Week 4 – Integration – explore how to integrate insight and apply inner transformation to outer application.

Please contact Craig Mackie to determine if you are suitable for this course. Prior experience with mindfulness is an asset, though not required. If you have never done Transformative Mindfulness, an individual appointment prior to the course is necessary.

This group is facilitated as a private psychotherapy practice by Craig Mackie, MSW, RSW (#819225) and is supervised by Dr. Lynette Monteiro, C.Psych. (lic. # 2956). Please check with your insurance company to see if supervised psychotherapy is covered.

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