Essential Change

Healing with the 16 Guidelines: Compassion and Wisdom – 4 Week Course Spring 2017

May 10-31st, 2017

Wednesday, 6-8pm

Essential Change Studio (Merivale and Kirkwood, Ottawa)

In this 4 week course, we will learn how to develop wisdom and compassion for a kind and wise world.

Practical. Transformative. Off the cushion Mindfulness… 

The 16 Guidelines are being used as the foundation of ethics within mindfulness, currently being taught at the University of Toronto as the system to explore how to encounter and embody the values of mindfulness.

Week 1

How we Think

Week 2

How we Act

Week 3

How we Relate

Week 4

How we Create Meaning








Right Speech










Participants will develop tools to change the way they:

Think (everything comes from our minds),

Act (every skillful action can create a better world)

Relate (we are all connected and interdependent)

Create Meaning (if everything is changing then we can create meaning from moment to moment).

This is a holistic and non-clinical approach to mindfulness. The emphasis is on developing qualities that are the antidotes to specific types of suffering. The framework comes from the secular practices and values that turned Tibet into a peaceful society 1500 years ago.

This workshop is for those who are interested in taking mindfulness into the world:

  • Educators
  • Public Servants
  • Facilitators
  • Health and Mental Health practitioners
  • Parents
  • Business Leaders
  • Community Developers

The 16G have attracted everyone from neuroscientists to school teachers, corporations to social services agencies, parents to community builders – anyone who is in need of motivation to change their outlook and practices.

REGISTER: email Craig for registration package:


Registration includes 16G Book and Cards ($35 value)

Early: $175 Register by April 14th

$225 After April 14th 

Please inquire for student low income rate available

Craig Mackie has a MA in philosophy and a MSW. Currently in clinical practice with specializing in Mindfulness, he also teaches at the University of Toronto, Applied Mindfulness Meditation Program and is an international trainer in the 16 Guidelines. Craig has used the 16G to teach youth at-risk, adults in therapeutic settings, in the not-for-profit sector, as a character education curriculum and as the basis of the ethics course at the U of T Applied Mindfulness certificate program. Craig had taught the 16G in several countries and to hundreds of participants.

Brief video with Craig