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Transforming Stress, Pain and Suffering – 6 Week Transformative Mindfulness Fall Course 2017


Time to shift the barriers that are holding you back! Time to grow your full potential! Time to heal…

First listen to the body.

Pay attention with compassion.

Tap in to wisdom.

Integrate shifts with action.

This 6 week course will teach the core tools of Transformative Mindfulness Methods so that individuals can heal and practice techniques that will help to reduce suffering. In this 6 week course you will explore:

Week 1 – Exploring Challenges and Underlying Causes – learn how to turn with compassion towards where suffering is held.

Week 2 – Intuitive Body-Scan – explore the whole body through mindful visualization and exploration, document images, wisdom and insight.

Week 3 – Transforming Challenges – learn to ask for help to transform the many aspects of suffering and root causes of challenges.

Week 4 – Enhancing Positive Qualities – build your strength and resilience by connecting with positive attributes that are present but in need of growth and grounding.

Week 5 – Transforming Inner Conflict – explore how two, or more, opposing situations are in conflict and experienced through sensation, body, thought and emotion.

Week 6 – Integration – begin to integrate the core tools of Transformative Mindfulness Methods into your everyday life.

Mondays, 6-8pm, Sept 25th- Nov 7, 2017.

Fee for course: $500 (covered by most extended health benefits – check with your insurance)

Location: Essential Change Studio – Panet St Ottawa, ON, address emailed upon inquiry.

To register email: or call: 613-316-9181


If you have practiced mindfulness and are looking for a set of tools that will help you address specific challenges in your life, whether they are physical, psychological, relational or personal challenges, then Transformative Mindfulness can help.

Once a practice of mindfulness begins to slow down and stabilize the mind a lot can come up. As awareness increases the ability to notice more clearly one’s experience arises. This course can help address those challenges mindfully and skillfully. Using mindfulness to notice thoughts, feelings and emotions related to suffering is an essential step to reclaim the power of the mind and body.

Transformative Mindfulness Methods is a specific form of guided receptive meditation that is used to get to the root causes of suffering. In this method we use the following tools to help bring healing and well-being:

  • Train open, focused attention
  • Develop a compassionate stance towards the self and others
  • Cultivate insight through guided visualization
  • Heal and integrate personal insight into your everyday life

Those who have benefited from this work in the past have come to the group suffering from:

  • Anxiety, social anxiety and phobias
  • Depression, grief and loss
  • Trauma, childhood trauma and abuse
  • Stress and burnout
  • Physical injury, brain injury and physical trauma
  • Addiction
  • ADHD
  • And general health and mental health concerns

This group is facilitated as a private psychotherapy practice by Craig Mackie, MSW, RSW (#819225) and is supervised by Dr. Lynette Monteiro, C.Psych. (lic. # 2956). Please check with your insurance company to see if supervised psychotherapy is covered.

For more information about Transformative Mindfulness Methods: