Essential Change


What is your essential change?

Maybe it’s something inside of you? Maybe it has to take place in your neighbourhood? Maybe it’s with your friends and family, school and workplace, country, continent and world? Wherever and whatever it is, it has got to start somewhere, and it starts with the recognition that…

if everything is changing

then anything is possible…

Change maker:

Craig Mackie was born in Ottawa, raised in Winnipeg. He has a BA in Developmental Psychology/Philosophy from the University of Alberta, an MA in Philosophy from the University of Ottawa and an MSW from the Univeristy of Toronto. He has worked in wilderness therapy and addiction treatment centers as well as schools and leadership programs for youth. He has also worked with Aboriginal men who have experienced homelessness in Toronto and multiple marginalized communities in Ottawa.

Other projects he has played a key role in include Social Rec Connect and Christie Lake Kids.

Currently, he finds himself involved with The Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom, UK, and the Centre for Compassion and Wisdom in southern Ontario as a Facilitator Trainer and travels the world doing workshops on the 16 Guidelines.

Essential Change now offers groups in partnership with the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic.

Craig also teaches as an instructor for the Applied Mindfulness Meditation Certificate Program at the University of Toronto, Continuing Education, Faculty of Social Work.


He is based out of Ottawa, offering change workshops and individual counseling and coaching in private practice as well as consulting on:

Community Engagement

Youth Mental Health and Development

Program Development and Evaluation

Mindfulness in Schools, Workplace and Mental Health Settings

Strategic Planning

Project Management

Group and individual psychotherapy